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Making a Puzzle

 Scraboku Fun

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This page is intended to help those individuals who desire to make their own Scraboku puzzles and add them as a graphic to their slideshow, article, or any other listing.  Please keep in mind that this in not something you have to do, it is just something fun to do if you want to do that.  It is not meant to distract from your listing or make fun of it in any matter.  It is intended to enhance your listing and is unique to our website.

It is important to keep the following things in mind when making your puzzle:

  • The Scraboku Mates Index will be your biggest helper. You will find it very useful figuring out what numbers can be used and where can be they be used. You will find yourself getting more and more creative as you get familar with the the game.
  • The first and most important thing to do before making any puzzle is to raise you "Sense of Humor" bar.  It is the only way to be successful in your making a puzzle.
  • Your puzzles will be viewed by everybody.  So as much as I would love to tell you to try to keep them clean and void of profanity or other trouble causing words, it's going to happen anyway in the most innocent of ways.  Take these innocent words for example that all contain some other word that might cause a bit of grief:  grass, glass, class, asset, leafage, Margay, whatever, mishitting, skillet, grape, eggshell, etc.  So I just ask that you please try to keep the   "Clean Thinking Rules" in mind when making your puzzle and you'll be fine.
  • Another problem puzzle that might be a bit upsetting is four words that individually are OK, but when put underneath each other spell a bad word.  On the surface it sounds like a great game; "Fun USA Car Kit" until you look at the first letter of each word and then its, Oh NO, Oh dear, YIKES!
  • Then there is also the name of a certain wood in Exodus 25:10 that is in the scriptures that I am NOT going to mention here, you can just look it up for yourself by clicking on that link. However, it is quite a beautiful to look at here on Google. But because part of the name of the of the wood is a swear word, it is not suitable for making it a Scraboku puzzle.
  • There are some words that are just beautiful, but they contain another word that disrupts things such as the word Mother which happens to contain an insect; and let us not forget the weight issue word in Father.  So when you're doing a Scraboku puzzle it is vital to maintain a great sense of humor and remember that sometimes, that is just the way the numbers flow and it is not intended to upset anybody.
  • You can use a picture with your puzzle like this one for a Margay cat, to better calm the matter:
  • Try to keep the Ten Commandments in mind when making the puzzles.  In other words. "Choose To Respect" your Heavenly Father.
  • Remember:  Alma 41:10 especially the part that says, "...wickedness never was happiness!"  It is very easy to make bad words, my challenge to all who make Scraboku puzzles is to remember Jesus and how much He loves you and wants you to make choices that will please your Heavenly Father.
  • When it comes to choosing a word, you need to keep in mind, that if the word is over five letters, you have to count how even letters there are and how odd letters there are in the word.  The word cannot exceed four even and five odd, if you want the word to go in one column.  Let's take the word "Awesome", it has seven letters, but they are all odd numbered.  So you have to down five letters "aweso" and go across at the "o" like this:

Now let's look at the word "Control", it also has seven letters, but it is split into three odd and four even.  So that means you would be able to do it all in one column and could go in any of these three positions, with letters before or after:

O C  
  L O

Now lets look at the word "Ballrooms", it has nine letters and it is split into four even and five odd.  Examine this puzzle and you will see how nine numbers are in each box and in each column:

  • In the actual puzzle, when you can't make a word work in the way you want it to, it's usually because of the evens and odds of the numbers won't work.  For example, take a look at this grid:
A = 1 B = 2
C = 3 D = 4
E = 5 F = 6
G = 7 H = 8
I = 9 J = 10
K = 11 L = 12
M = 13 N = 14
O = 15 P = 16
Q = 17 R = 18
S = 19 T = 20
U = 21 V = 22
W = 23 X = 24
Y = 25 Z = 26

Here is the challenge that faced when I tried to find a nine number combination for the nine-letter-word "Christmas", it kept coming out "Christmap".  I couldn't figure out why until I got to looking at the evens and odds.  The even numbered letters are H, R, and T.  The rest of the letters: C, I, S, M, A, S are all odd numbers and since you have to have no more than five odds and four evens, doing "Christmas" in one column would not work.  So if you want to do a word like "Christmas", you would have to do it like this:

C ? ?
H ? ?
R ? ?
I ? ?
S ? ?
T ? ?
A ? ?
P ? ?
  •  ......SIt is important to mention that you can start out with something innocent like the numbers 123-456-789, that happens to be the letters SNI.  When you rearrange the number sets to 123-789-456 you get SIN.  When this happens try to remember that those three letters appear in a lot of words such as Business, Wisconsin, Sing, ect.  Rearranged again and you get this puzzle, which says "Dry Inside":
D = 238
R = 694
Y = 571
I = 789
N = 456
S = 123
I = 867
D = 342
E = 915


I hope you have as much fun making puzzles as I have had making these puzzles to share with you!

Disclaimer Note:  We at CTReveryday.com do NOT have the time to investigate every puzzle that you put on our website for accuracy or for any other word that may be disturbing to some people. 

We know that each and every one of us will be held accountable for our choices.  Click here to see how we are all held accountable.  I know that beyond all shadow of doubt, that there is a God in heaven and He is very loving and He has given us all free agency to make our own choices.  How "Free Agency" works is; we are in charge of the choices we make, but Heavenly Father is charge of the consequences.  It is important to remember that when you make good choices, you will have good consequences.  Nothing good can ever come from making bad choices. 

Please make good choices and help promote this website in the light of love and goodness that will be pleasing to our Heavenly Father.  We know that when do is right, that one day He just say to you "Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord."  Matthew 25:21 & 23

Most Sincerely,
The CEO of CTR every day!

Copyright 2018, CTReveryday.com

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