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My E.S.P. Acronyms

CTR every day!
"Choose The Right every day!"
AND Enjoy The USA
each and every day!
Two amazing websites to serve My Extra Special Project!

What is My E.S.P.?

For a long time and to a lot of people, E.S.P. has stood for Extra Sensory Perception, but I know that it can also stand for a lot of other really great things like:

  • Exciting Service Project
  • Experience Scenic Pennsylvania
  • Employing Smart People
  • Extra Special Parent(s)
  • Exciting Sports Performances
  • Extremely Scary Places
  • Extra Special People
  • Eternal Scripture Passages and
  • Eternally Sacred Places
  • Extraordinary Smart Pets (like Lassie)

That's just to name a only a few of the many E.S.P. acronyms I have in my head. So back to the question, just what is "My E.S.P." on this website?

Well, it's two things. First, it's "My Extra Special Project" or as in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it can stand for "My Exciting Sevice Project". We like to do service projects that help others in a variety of ways. Click Here, if you would like to see some service projects that Latter-day Saints enjoy doing. For me, my service project is building "CTR every day". I wanted to build something special. Something that could help a lot of people everywhere in a very unique way. I thought long and hard, and then prayed to my Heavenly Father about it. He inspired me with so many amazing ideas, I could hardly write them all down. Then I remembered a friend of mine and all that she taught me and I just proceeded to expand on that wisdom. I also realized that a lot of people would prefer something more neutral, so that is why I built Enjoy The USA for their pleasure.

The second thing that "My E.S.P." stands for is "My Easy Scraboku Puzzles" and they are easy and fun. Go to www.Scraboku.com, then go to the "Game Book Online" and put in the numbers to any already solved Sudoku Puzzle and use the 001-999 box to help you find the letters to see who or what is hiding in the puzzles. Have fun!

ESP Side Note:  You can't spell "Respect" without spelling ESP!  So I "Choose To Respect" people, places and things everywhere!!!

Please help me turn "CTReveryday.com" and "Enjoy The USA" into a really great E.S.P. and that would be "Everybody's Service Project".  You can do this by using the "Refer a friend" and letting all your family and friends know about this service.

Also don't forget to check out our Scraboku coupons on our business listing!

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