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Well, it is time for me to show everybody what I have been up to lately. I have discovered that the ever so quiet unassuming game of Sudoku has a fun little secret. I found out it can be combined with Scrabble and they can contain hidden words in the puzzles. So I combined the first five letters of Scrabble "Scrab" and the last three letters of Suduko "uko" and made the game Scraboku.

Now I have another secret to share with all of you. I have ESP! It's true!!! Only my ESP stands for Easy Scraboku Puzzles. HaHa! I have a lot more fun stuff to share with you throughout my website, but first let's see what words you can find in the puzzles on this page. Have fun!

How to use this:

  1. Place the numbers of any already solved Sudoku puzzle into the squares.
  2. Use the 001-999 box to find the letter that corresponds with that number like this:
  3. Use the drop down boxes with the * for the letter.
  4. Then see how many words are hiding in that puzzle. 

Remember: Words can appear heading up or down, forword or backwards, and even diagonally.

The numbers in the RED squares spell BOB. Now put the numbers in the above puzzle to see who makes a great pair. I wonder what words you will discover in this puzzle?!?

This one is a great invitation to do something special and contains an ESP. I wonder what it is?

This puzzle has a company name, 2 animals, a car and more.
This contains a favorite search engine and the name of this type of puzzle. This contains a business name.
See what names and objects are hiding in this puzzle. This puzzle contains the name of a really nice lady.




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